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About Us

About Us

AIGI is one of the largest independent gemological laboratory & institution focusing on Precious stones certification and research. AIGI opened its first lab in 2004. Today the Group has Network in New Delhi, Punjab, Haryana,Uttar Pradesh and Kerala . Certificate carries codes that provide consumers the assurance that their certificate has been issued by a member of the Group & is authentic. In 2006, a Research Department was initiated to respond to the changing needs of the jewelry industry. It is one of only labs worldwide doing advanced research in gemology. Its Education Department offers seminars on important industry issues. Our gemologists are alumini of AIGI & frequent speakers at jewelry trade shows and gemological conferences around the globe. Our services are being used by a broad range of customers:

  • Diamond manufacturers
  • Diamond dealers
  • Small independent jewelers
  • Mining companies
  • Chain retailers
  • The public


AIGI provides Short Term Courses viz. ‘Diamond Essentials’, ‘Colored-Stone Essentials’ through the mode of Distance Education. Distance Education is provided by way of simple, easy to read and understand course material and assignments sent through post or email (depending upon the preference of the candidate).


Engage yourself to the world’s diamond industry! India’s diamond industry will never be the same again.All India Gemological Institute (A.I.G.I.) is proud to announce that its renowned grading services and certificates are now available in India. The diamond certificate assures buyers of the quality and authenticity of their stone.

How to reach Us

GUJARAT. 390 010. 7270000033.

1st Floor,Mall Plaza
Fountain Chowk,Civil Line
SCO. 410, First Floor,
Sector - 8,
Panchkula. 98883-01595.