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Gemstone and Diamond Jewellery Online Services

As a service-oriented company, AIGI continually strives to offer an increasing range of services via the Web in order to meet the growing demand from its customers, who choose to take advantages of the convenience of 24-hour availability offered by our fast and reliable data servers.

Mobile Services

AIGI is proud to be announces the services of mobile lab that has taken the trade by storm.

Now you dont have to worry about either posting diamond studded jewellery or carrying them to the laboratory for testing. Our mobile laboratory business model will take away all your worries related to transporting the product for certification, a team of professionals comprising of highly trained gemmologists, a photographer and a data expert will visit your premises and certify your stock on-site working in excellent coordination for optimal results. They carry all necessary equipment required to test and analyse the diamond's characteristics in studded conditions.

The minimum requirement for requesting for such a service is 100 pieces.


AIGI provides Short Term Courses viz. ‘Diamond Essentials’, ‘Colored-Stone Essentials’ through the mode of Distance Education. Distance Education is provided by way of simple, easy to read and understand course material and assignments sent through post or email (depending upon the preference of the candidate).


Engage yourself to the world’s diamond industry! India’s diamond industry will never be the same again.All India Gemological Institute (A.I.G.I.) is proud to announce that its renowned grading services and certificates are now available in India. The diamond certificate assures buyers of the quality and authenticity of their stone.

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