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This report is issued by all india gemological institute and is accepted by the client on following terms and conditions:

  • The Lab professionals have prepared the report to best of their knowledge and professional standards only after examining the product carefully with specialized instruments.
  • It may be noted that opinions may reasonably vary as to the characteristics covered in this report and therefore neither AIGI or any other member of its staff shall, at anytime, be held responsible for any discrepancy which may result after application of other testing methods.
  • This report is provided on request of client and also by agreeing to terms and conditions of AIGI Lab. regarding certification. It should not be regarded as document neither of valuation nor as guaranty or warranty by client or any purchaser.
  • weights and measurements are approximate as grading allows
  • Clarity grading is based on 10 x magnification as per the area visible and as per the mounting permits. The clarity grade is average grade keeping in mind grading of all stones in the jewellery.
  • Color Grading is based using the face up method after comparing with Master Set and the Color Grade is an Average keeping in mind the color grade of all the stones in the piece of jewellry. The color of Metal will affect the color of the diamond to a certain extent.
  • Cut Grade is an Average Grade keeping in mind the Cut of all the Stones in the piece of Jewellery.
  • The Carat weight of the diamonds in the piece of jewellery is as per the customer submitting the piece for grading and has not been verified.
  • The Product Certified has not been verfied or tested for any treatment.
  • This report shall be governed by Indian Judicial Systems and all disputes shall be subject to jurisdiction within Delhi only.


AIGI provides Short Term Courses viz. ‘Diamond Essentials’, ‘Colored-Stone Essentials’ through the mode of Distance Education. Distance Education is provided by way of simple, easy to read and understand course material and assignments sent through post or email (depending upon the preference of the candidate).


Engage yourself to the world’s diamond industry! India’s diamond industry will never be the same again.All India Gemological Institute (A.I.G.I.) is proud to announce that its renowned grading services and certificates are now available in India. The diamond certificate assures buyers of the quality and authenticity of their stone.

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